$995 (with pre-cleanse)
90 minutes
Treatment Details:

HIFU applies High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy to locally heat a precise area of tissue.

The Ultra sound beams are focused on a specific(fractional) point.

In a facial treatment the HIFU penetrates through the surface of the skin to deliver the precise and fractional focused ultrasound energy at the right depths to the connective tissue and the SMASlayer and at the right temperature without damaging or disrupting the epidermal tissue (surface) of the skin.

The HIFU targets the connective tissue stimulating new collagen and elastin synthesis (via the wound healing response), improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles and firming the skin.

The treatment also specifically targets the SMAS(Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) this deeper layer is responsible for muscular activity in the face.

By stimulating the SMAS layer and the connective tissue, there is both a wound contraction in the muscle and as part of the natural wound healing process, new collagen and elastin synthesis in both the muscle and connective tissue.

These two mechanisms work naturally to both uplift and rejuvenate the skin; the result is a significant visible skin firming and tightening.

The process of skin regeneration and rejuvenation gradually continues as the extracellular collagen matrix is continually re-formed, strengthened, and remodelled.

Best visible results are usually seen after 6- 10weeks, this effect will continue, and can be seen firming and lifting the skin for up to 6 months after the treatment.


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